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Purify Your Air With the Power of Light


It’s a shocking fact: Americans spend more than 90% of their time indoors. Whether we’re working, playing, socializing, at school, or asleep, we’re breathing indoor air over and over again. Unfortunately, indoor air almost always contains more contaminants than outdoor air. But since we can’t exactly quit our jobs and run off into the woods, what can we do about that indoor air?

The trick is that the air is full of things we cannot see, and many of them are pathogens: organic microbes that can cause illness. These tiny living things can do a great deal of harm to us. But we’ve got a weapon that can fight back effectively. UV air purifiers don’t just trap the microbes from your air in a filter. They actually kill them! Here are the details.

What’s in Your Air?

The tiny living things floating around in the air you breathe—and taking up residence in your respiratory system—come in several varieties. There are viruses, like COVID-19 and influenza. There are bacteria, which can cause diseases like tuberculosis and Legionnaires’ Disease. But viruses and bacteria are not the only things you should be concerned about.

There are fungal spores, which many people are allergic to. Even those without allergies react to the mycotoxins produced by certain highly dangerous molds. Pollen, of course, causes allergic reactions. And then there’s pet dander. This is not the hair of the animal, but a protein in the skin cells and saliva, so even hairless pets can produce dander.

How Does Light Kill Germs?

At certain frequencies, ultraviolet or UV light is highly damaging to single-celled organisms. It pulls apart their DNA, unraveling the proteins that hold them together. After this happens to a germ, it can no longer reproduce or cause any sort of illness or infection. 

Is UV Light Safe?

The light used in a UV air purifier is similar to the light of the sun or a tanning bed. You would not want to be directly exposed to it for long periods. However, you won’t have any exposure to it at all. Whole-house UV air purifiers are installed in your ductwork. They purify all the air that passes through your ducts after being heated or cooled by your HVAC system, so what comes out of your vents is germ-free.

Is UV Light Effective?

This is such an effective way of sanitizing substances and surfaces that it is used in hospitals—to clean the air and sanitize equipment—and in water treatment facilities to purify water while reducing the use of chemicals like chlorine! When used to purify the air of a home, UV light has profound effects.

People who have had UV air purifiers installed say that they have fewer asthma attacks, allergy symptoms, and headaches. They miss fewer days of work and school due to illness. They sleep better at night. They feel more energetic during the day and spend more time in a positive mood. 

Would you like to enjoy these enticing benefits? Reach out to us with any questions you have about getting a UV air purifier in Asbury Park, NJ

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