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Get Ready for Your AC Installation Appointment


Spring is the perfect time of year to have your new air conditioner installed. And you’ll be thrilled to have a brand-new system when the summer heat hits. It’ll be more effective and more efficient than the old air conditioner you’ve had to retire, and far less likely to break down or require repair. But before you can relax and enjoy that new system, it has to be installed.

It may have been a long time since you’ve gotten a new air conditioner. It’s possible you’ve never done it before—that you purchased your home with your current air conditioner already in place. You probably have questions about the AC installation process. We’ve got answers for you, and tips on how to make it go quickly and smoothly.

How Long Does AC Installation Take?

In some cases, when no modifications are required, nothing unexpected comes up, and everything goes according to plan, it can take as little as four hours to get an old air conditioner removed and a new one installed. It’s likely to take a bit longer than that, though. When you’re clearing your schedule for your installation appointment, make sure you have at least eight hours, just in case.

What Will My AC Installers Do?

The first step in the AC installation process is to assess the situation and see what needs to be done to prepare the space. Then your installers will communicate the plan to you. The old units, indoor and out, will be removed and the new ones put in place. The system will be connected, started up, and allowed to run for a bit to make sure all is well. 

What Can I Do to Prepare for AC Installation?

The first thing to consider is the space. Your installers will need to maneuver from the driveway to the locations of both the indoor and outdoor units. If there are obstacles in their way, they’ll have to spend time clearing them before they can proceed with the installation. You can speed things up by clearing the way for them before they arrive. 

Outdoors, this means moving anything along the path the installers will take to remove the old outdoor unit and bring in the new one, as well as clearing the area around the unit of anything from leaf litter to overgrown shrubbery. Indoors, make sure there’s a wide, clear path through the house and elbow room around the indoor unit for the installers to work.

Your pets can also pose problems during AC installation if they are understandably curious about the process, or if they’re likely to dart out an open door. Keep them safe and keep the process smoother by closing them in another room during your installation appointment.

Finally, jot down any questions you may have that you’d like to ask during your appointment for air conditioning installation in Point Pleasant, NJ. It’s the perfect time to get more information about what maintenance is necessary, how to maximize your air conditioner’s efficiency, or anything else you’d like to know about your HVAC system, and our technicians will be happy to provide answers.

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